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The Benchcrafted Split Top Roubo (STR) workbench is the culmination of over a decade of research, testing and daily use in our workshop. Built to the highest standards from American hard maple and outfitted exclusively with, and specifically designed around our vises, the STR workbench is an evolution and refinement of Andre Roubo's original design from his monumental woodworking treatise "The Art of the Carpenter".


The STR excels at holding work in the three most necessary positions: for working the edges, faces, and ends of boards.

The Glide Leg Vise, used primarily for working edges, functions without thought. Simply spin the massive cast iron handwheel and allow the chop to close against the workpiece. In most cases no further tightening is required. For working long boards on edge the sliding deadman comes into play providing vertical support for the opposite end of the board via a peg placed in the deadman. Holes in the front right leg also allow the attachment of a batten via holdfast for supporting even longer boards.

The Tail Vise is ideal for working the faces of boards with work held between wooden dogs. You can do mallet work without worry while using the Tail Vise, since the vise's design maintains the robust structure of the top surrounding the vise. You can work the ends of boards in the Tail Vise jaw, but we prefer and recommend our Moxon Vise for dovetailing. The first dog is positioned directly over the leg, and allows clamping of very short pieces. This is handy for holding narrow boards across their width for certain tasks. An access hole in the leg allows the first dog to be pushed up easily. Every bench is provided with three dogs.

Gap Stop

The Gap Stop runs down the middle of the bench between the two top sections and features a slot for storing tools.

The bottom of the Gap Stop rests on the upper short rails of the end sections and when pushed towards the end of the bench raises up 1/2" via ramped sections milled into the bottom of the Gap Stop. The stop is excellent for working boards across their width. Remove the Gap Stop entirely by simply lifting it away from the bench to clamp work directly to the top between the top sections.

1" holes are strategically placed throughout each top section for Crucible holdfasts (available separately)

Knockdown Design

The two end sections are joined with drawbored mortise and tenon. Each end section joins to the long rails with four Benchcrafted Barrel Nuts. This allows the base to break down for easier moving. The tops register onto the base on four massive tenons at the top of each leg and are held securely to the base with four Spax lag screws.


The Split Top Roubo is constructed with massive components in American hard maple (acer saccharum). The tops are made by laminating 8/4 stock on edge for stability, yielding tops 4" thick by 87" long. The legs are 3-1/2" thick by 5-3/8" wide with the remaining base elements 3" thick and 1-3/4" thick. The 3/4" shelf boards rest on ledger strips fastened to the rails, and are easily removed for transport or cleaning. The complete bench weighs upwards of 350 pounds. It does not move under the most rigorous woodworking activities.


Designed and made in the USA


87 inches


24 inches


35 inches


4 inches


350+ pounds


North American Rock Maple (Acer Saccharum)


None. Benches supplied in-the-white, ready to use.


Glide Leg Vise
Tail Vise


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Split Top Roubo Bench

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