Benchcrafted Skateboard Deck

Just for fun we decided to do a very small run of skateboard decks. Partly because we just like skateboards, but also because, even if you aren't a thrasher, they look cool. We had these done locally by a killer skateboard shop Eduskate, owned by our friends Nate Sherwood, himself well known in the skating world, and his wife and partner Lindsey Podzimek. Nate is the board guy and Lindsey is the silk screener. We also wanted to support a local business.

The board itself isn't anything fancy, but the graphics are the real draw here. It's standard press 7 ply Canadian maple with 6 color silk screening of our design by Steve Thomas Art.

Trucks and wheels not included. 8.5" wide 31.5" long.

We have fewer than 20 of these. If they go fast we'll do another run!

Skateboard Deck

Deck ONLY. Trucks and wheels not included.

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